About House of Hair Extensions

Skye Rose is the founder & Director at house of hair extensions, with almost two decades experience in the hair industry, Skye was recently published in articles in Forbes, CNN, ABC, and Made Women’s top 30 entrepreneur in 2022. Skye has been gloabally recognised for her extensive knowledge in the industry & her installation techniques. Having installed hair extensions for thousands of women all over Australia, Skye Rose and the House of Hair Extensions team are known for their installation technique & placement. Since opening up her second salon being House of Hair Extensions in March 2020 She launched her very own exclusive hair extension range + luxury hair care range.

House of Hair Extensions now includes a series of Education courses to suit your needs as well as a range of hair care products which are available for retail and wholesale purchase.

What we do

At House of Hair Extensions, we offer Skin weft LUX Tape Extensions & Microbonds™️.We will consult with you on the day about the style and look you are after and will recommend the best type of extensions to suit. For more information give one of our friendly team members a call today.


Let industry’s finest Skye Rose who was recently published in articles in Forbes, CNN, ABC, and made Top 30 Women’s entrepreneur in 2022 being recognised for her extensive knowledge in the industry & her installation techniques.

Skye has been in the hair industry for almost 2 decades and been installing all types of hair extensions for 13 years, And want’s to share her extensive knowledge and techniques with women all over Australia.

Courses are tailored for beginners or advanced as Skye believes your education in field of work should never stop. If you are wanting to join the booming hair extension industry 1:1 Courses are recommended if you are already experienced in the hair industry refresh & relearn / Group & online education is for you.

If you would like to chat to us about choosing the right course for you get in touch today.





Just wanted to take the time to share my experience with you guys. As a Susie, Susie, Susie! Where do I start? You my love are a freaking hair goddess. Not only did you give me a cut that is to die for but you blended my extensions to my hair colour, beyond perfectly. To start that I am happy with my HOHE makeover is an understatement. Thank you so much. I cannot thank you enough for giving my hair some much needed TLC ♥️

Emma Sorensen

Skye is truly master of her trade. I trusted her and she delivered - simply put. Trying bonds for the first time and from the get go they feel so light weight and blended seamlessly into my natural hair. It’s amazing the confidence you feel when you trust the professionals to handle your biggest security blanket- my hair! Excited with my new bonds and hopefully seeing the difference as I wear them especially when I sweat at the gym! Really happy with my new hair!

Rebecca Estephan

I don’t often write reviews, however I had my first experience at House of Hair Extensions yesterday and I actually can not recommend them highly enough.

The staff are lovely. Not intimidating or seemingly too busy to notice you. I did not see one staff member on their phone the entire time I was there, unlike 95% of shops/salons that you enter these days.

I was fortunate enough to have the amazing Elyssia to do my hair. So professional, and just so sweet, she made me comfortable immediately. She also knew what she was doing straight away. Zero time wasted.

My hair looks amazing. I still can’t believe it’s mine. The colour match is on point. The extensions are perfection. If you’re thinking about getting your hair done here, just do it. You will not regret it.

Katy Cee

The service started from the minute I walked in the door. I was greeted and offered a beverage, My hair extension installer Skye was not only perfectly punctual with my appointment, I can say with conviction that she is the best in the business. Skye has a knack for placing extensions in the right way to create a beautiful, seamless and natural finish. I am so happy with the end result and they have a customer for life. I rated this business highly because they have mastered their art. Quality and affordability don’t usually go hand in hand but in this case they do. Thanks Skype and the team. You are the best!

Adriana Leigh

I will never get my hair done any where else, the quality of the extensions is incredible. I have had my extensions in for 10 weeks now and they do not tangle ever, they never feel dry, they look so natural and I never have to worry about people being able to see the bonds. They are so comfortable they never annoy me, I can style my hair in any way I want including putting my hair up and you can’t see the bonds. The staff at HOHE are really nice and so professional, iv had bad experiences with hair extensions in the past at other salons so I was a bit anxious going into the appointment, but after talking to Suzie for a few minutes I felt really comfortable and confident in her skills. I do not have a single bad thing to say about HOHE they have given me so much confidence and I’m in love with my hair!

Emmaleene Matthews

All the staff at HOHE are extremely professional and friendly. Your whole experience from booking to getting your extension done is excellent. The ladies has shown not only great customer service but very knowledgeable. Salon is full of positive energy.

Ladies, if u need to wait to get in for an appointment...well worth the wait....You will come out feeling like a new woman.

These ladies are truly the best in their field.

Jan Stanton


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